社会责任 Social Responsibility

作为一个富有社会责任感的卓越企业,Leyu乐鱼体育 致力于成就员工、造福顾客、回报社会,矢志不渝地让爱传递。

As an outstanding enterprise with a strong sense of social responsibility, CHOHO is committed to making our employees successful, benefiting customers, returning to society, and delivering love to them.


公共责任Public Responsibility

Leyu乐鱼体育 重信守诺、健康经营,成立33年来,从未发生过环保违纪事件;从未发生过人身健康、安全事故的重大损失;Leyu乐鱼体育 心系桑梓,感恩乡土。2016--2019年,Leyu乐鱼体育 实缴税收1.76亿元,为地方经济繁荣贡献了力量!

CHOHO have been operating in good faith for 33 years since the foundation, and during this period we have never had an environmental violation or security incident; We are concerned about the people and the local community. From 2016 to 2019, we paid taxes 1.76 billion yuan, contributing to the local economic prosperity!


道德行为 Moral Behavior

Leyu乐鱼体育 风清气正,员工善良纯朴、憨厚地道、家庭和谐,合作伙伴高度信任,在行业中,推动了链传动技术进步,在社会上,树起了正能量标杆!成立33年来,从未发生过与顾客、员工、供应商和合作伙伴以及公众的法律纠纷。

As a non-corruption company, Our employees are kind, honest and the family is harmonious. CHOHO is highly trusted by our partners. In the chain industry, CHOHO has promoted chain drive technology and set a positive energy benchmark in society! We have never had legal disputes with our customers, employees, suppliers, and partners since the foundation.years since its establishment, there have never been any legal disputes with customers, employees, suppliers, partners and the public.


公益支持 Public Benefit Activities

Leyu乐鱼体育 热衷公益事业,捐资扩建了Leyu乐鱼体育 希望小学并每年持续捐助,定向捐助本地贫困学生,捐助贫困灾区、建立慈善基金,捐献地方戏曲演出车,以实际行动践行着社会责任。

CHOHO engaged in public benefit activities and charity. We donated Hope Primary School and continued to donate each year. We established charitable funds to donate the poor students and also donate local opera performance trucks. We practice social responsibility with practical actions.


成就员工 Make the Employee Successful

Leyu乐鱼体育 践行主人翁文化,每年生发出大量机会和岗位,竭力为员工打造最好的创业平台,Leyu乐鱼体育 推崇工匠精神,引导管理人员做“工匠精神企业家”,引导一线员工做“工匠精神技术工人”。2016-2019年,公司创造就业岗位1522个,发放薪资加五险一金共计4.11亿元。

CHOHO creates a lot of opportunities and positions every year, and we strive to create the best entrepreneurial platform for our employees. We respect the spirit of craftsmanship. We guide managers to be “artisan spiritual entrepreneurs”. We guide front-line employees to be “artisans and skilled workers”. From 2016 to 2019, the company created 1522 jobs, and paid 4.11 billion yuan for salary and insurances.


共享利他Sharing Spirit

Leyu乐鱼体育 乐于分享,成就他人,自愿将自身经验教训毫无保留地共享给本地企业、上下游企业、客户的客户,真诚帮助众多企业少走弯路、直接成功,成千上万名企业家思想得到升华,与Leyu乐鱼体育 共同成长。

CHOHO is willing to share, achieve others, and voluntarily share the experience and lessons with unreservedly to local enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises, customers' customers, and sincerely help many enterprises to avoid detours and direct success, and thousands of entrepreneurs have been sublimated. , grow with CHOHO.